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Have a great idea for a book? Want to profile a family member or organization but don’t know where to start? Our writers are available to help write your story, acting as either ghostwriters (who take no credit for your work) or authors of your book. We can also manage the research necessary to ensure the accuracy and relevance of your work.


Need someone to review your work before it goes to print? Benchmark Press offers high quality editing and proofreading services. However, all of our suggested revisions are tracked, so you have the final say in your work.


As editors we will:

  • Provide feedback and tips for improving your plot, character development and story-line;

  • Repair grammar and spelling errors; and

  • If necessary, write end notes, an index and a bibliography.


As proofreaders we will only:

  • Repair grammar and spelling errors.


Our team will create a layout and cover design that will get your book noticed and turn your vision into reality!

You can either provide us with photos and graphics to use or we will source out stock photos or vector images that best represent your desired look.

Before we go to press, you must approve the book’s layout and cover design. This way we can ensure that you will not be disappointed by the final product.


Our team is committed to working with only cost-effective, high quality print firms to ensure that you receive the highest quality books and products at an affordable price.


The final step in the publishing process is marketing and distributing your book.

Our options include:

  • Distributing a media release to over 200 media outlets in Saskatchewan and/or Manitoba.

  • Sending a flyer to bookstores and libraries in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

  • Showcasing your book, on the Benchmark Press’ online bookstore.

  • Selling your book through popular websites, such as

  • Marketing your book to the Saskatchewan Publishers Group, who may sell your book through its website,, or at various trade shows across Saskatchewan.

  • Promoting your book on our social media accounts.

  • Creating a dedicated website to promote your book.

  • Providing you with a copy of our Saskatchewan or Manitoba Media Directory, so that you can contact the media to further promote your book and launch event.

Benchmark Press can help raise awareness about your upcoming book and/or launch, but you can opt out of this service if you don’t intend to sell your books or if you would like to handle it yourself to save money. By taking the time to create your media releases and posters, talking to bookstores, and attending local trade shows, you can successfully market your own book.


Your Partner in

        Book Publishing

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