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Everyone has photos, newspaper clippings, stories and other articles about their family history that often sits in draws and shelves. These items are usually too valuable to throw away, but it is too time consuming to organize and sort them in any meaningful way. We can help you take this information and transform it into a family history book. This is a great way to preserve your stories for future generations so they can get to know you through the ages.


A family history book can be a priceless family keepsake that records the important details about your family background such as children, marriages, birth records, burial locations, and important personal or historical events that were part of a person’s timeline. Now is the time to take those old certificates and photos left in the shoebox and filing cabinets and place them in a book for you and your family members.


We will work with you on scanning photos, organizing and designing pages, and printing the number of copies you require. We’ll sit with you through the process and answer any questions along the way. Our personalized service sets us apart from the do-it-yourself websites that often lead to frustration and disappointment.



Benchmark Press has a long and distinguished history of creating outstanding calendars for people. We can handle everything from developing the calendar concept to final printing.


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