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Benchmark Press specializes in the research, writing and development of corporate history books. We will work with your committee to ensure that your stories, photos and events are properly recorded. Through our research, we will interview key individuals from your organization’s past and present; delve into annual reports, meeting minutes, newsletters and any other relevant documents or materials that are available; search through online and newspaper resources; and even scan your photographs and/or source out images necessary to create your book.

Our designers will work with you to develop the layout, providing sample covers and inside text pages for your consideration. And, our marketing experts can work with you to develop a book launch that will be remembered for years to come.

Our clients include: the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association, Sask Sport Inc., the Road-builders and Heavy Construction Association of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Amateur Speed Skating Association, the Saskatchewan Cycling Association, and the Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan. We have also provided research and writing services for several Canadian, American and British school textbooks.



Benchmark Press has a long history of creating outstanding calendars for corporations and non-profit organizations.


We can handle everything from developing the calendar concept and business plan to research, writing and design to creating effective marketing and distribution strategies that will maximize your calendar’s success.


Our clients include: the Saskatchewan Building Trades and the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club/SaskEnergy/KidSport™ Saskatchewan.


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