Frequently asked


Frequently asked

Why choose Benchmark Press?

Benchmark Press is your answer to publishing made easy. We manage everything, so that you can enjoy the final product without dealing with the frustrations associated with the publishing process.

Can you guarantee that my book/calendar will sell?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee book/calendar sales as they depend upon consumer demand. However, we can work with you to maximize your product’s sales potential using a variety of marketing and distribution strategies.

Does your company publish all book genres?

Yes, as long as your book does not include hateful, vulgar, discriminatory, prejudiced, copyrighted or plagiarized material.

Do you have a minimum print run requirement?

Yes, we will not print fewer than 50 copies at a time. However, we recommend that authors print at least 100 copies as this reduces the overall cost per book.

Do you create/sell e-books?

Yes, we can transform your printed book into an e-book format and sell it through various online bookstores.

When will I receive my royalties?

If you market your own books and handle all of the sales and orders, then you will receive your royalties as soon as customers pay for their books. However, if Benchmark Press is responsible for filling your orders, then we will pay out any applicable royalties on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, depending on the number of books you sell.

Are commissions charged on my book sales?

Yes, if the books are sold through Benchmark Press, a bookstore, or on-line retailer. Bookstores charge, on average, a 40% commission for every book sold through their locations. Benchmark Press also charges a commission on every sale that we oversee.

Is it possible to include an index or table of contents in my book?

Yes, our creative team can work with you to create these elements for your book.

Will Benchmark Press scan photos for my book/calendar?

Yes, we will be more than happy to scan, and edit if necessary, any photos for your project.

Are there any limitations to the number of photos/graphics that I can use in my book?

No. However, adding colour photos and graphics to your book will increase its price, but there are no additional charges for printing black and white photos and graphics.



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