The Realities of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is often a labour of love. Many of our authors publish a family history book or novel with the intent of either giving the copies away for free to family and friends or selling them at an affordable price. As a result, their publishing costs are often not recuperated.

While we don’t want to discourage you from the book publishing process, we do want to ensure that you understand the realities of self-publishing. According to the Association of Canadian Publishers, roughly 10,000 books are published in Canada alone in any given year. As a result, self-published authors must work hard to ensure that their books stand out in this busy marketplace. We can assist you in the marketing process.

How involved and committed you are to the marketing process will, in part, determine its success in the marketplace. However, we can neither guarantee that your book will sell nor that you will make back the money you invested into the project. Like any entrepreneurial venture, there is a financial risk involved in self-publishing books.

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