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HOW IT ALL BEGAN: The Story of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils 1968-1987
By Lynn Gidluck

From 1974 to 1987, the provincial office of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) was located in Estevan. During those years, a system of community-based arts councils was established throughout the province – a system that to this day provides citizens outside Saskatchewan’s major urban centres unparalleled access to the arts. This work shares the share the story of how OSAC was established, took root and flourished during its Estevan years. It is a story about the visionaries who used culture to develop a sense of community spirit across the province.

Spaces to Fill: And a Century To Do It (Out of Stock)
By Jack Boan
128 pages
$25 (plus shipping & taxes)

In December of 1917, the same year Canadians fought and won the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Jack Boan, the eldest son of Anglo-Scottish immigrants, was born on a small farm near Briercrest, Saskatchewan. In many respects, the intervening years have been both Boan’s and Canada’s century, as the man and the nation grew, matured and flourished together. In Spaces to Fill: And a Century To Do It, Boan shares the story of his life.

The Regina Indian Industrial School (1891-1910): Historical Overview and Chronological Narrative
By Douglas Stewart
166 pages
$20 (plus shipping & taxes)

Douglas Stewart draws on a wide expanse of archival material to present a history of a relatively large but little-known residential school that operated just outside Regina at the end of the 19th and into the early 20th Century. The book is separated into two parts. The first locates the Regina Indian Industrial School within the wider context of residential schooling in Canada. The second part depicts the manner in which this institution was operated.

Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West
By Garrett Wilson, QC
358 pages
$24.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West is full of astute personal insights, intriguing anecdotes about growing up during the drought and depression of the 1930s and firsthand accounts of political and legal life. Garrett Wilson’s entertaining and intimate portrait of Saskatchewan, its politics and its people imbues a sense of place that speaks to anyone interested in the province.

There’s What in my What??? – Our Toxic Relationship with Personal Care Products
By Cherry Staszczak
100 pages
$19.99 (plus shipping & taxes)

With a light-hearted tone, Cherry Staszczak faces the overwhelming and controversial topic of toxic chemicals in the highly unregulated personal care products industry. Garnering snippets of key information from credible sources, she compiles facts and figures into a manageable form that is easy to read, easy to use and easy to apply to everyday life.

Bobby’s Lucky Trail
By Bob Wiseman
148 pages
$25.00 (plus shipping & taxes)

Bobby’s Lucky Trail is a look at one man’s life in an age of rapidly changing technology where love and kindness are sometimes lost. In a way, Bobby’s Lucky Trail provides a roadmap to the absurdities and challenges that come with aging. Full of self-deprecating humour and nonsense, it will make you laugh out loud and maybe shed a tear or two.

Badge #124 – Stories from the field: A revealing look at the work of a veteran Animal Protection Officer in Saskatchewan
By Janice Howden
130 pages
$14.99 (plus shipping & taxes)

“Badge #124 is an insightful, true depiction of the life of an Animal Protection Officer in Saskatchewan. It helps the reader understand not only the laws that protect animals but the passion one must have for animals to be able to enforce those laws….” Constance Roussel, President, Board of Directors, Saskatchewan SPCA

Pulse of International War
by Oscar Drumheller Seawell
378 pages
$29 (plus shipping & taxes)

Detailed, descriptive, in-depth and informative, the Pulse of International War describes and graphically illustrates repetitive international warfare level pulsation patterns. Patterns in warfare from the past seven centuries are projected into the 21st Century, as if repeating past history. Possible reasons for the existence of the pulse of international war are also suggested.

And I Think To Myself
By June Mitchell

June Mitchell’s and i think to myself is a virtual autobiography in verse, spanning the poet’s long, eventful life from birth to contemplation of a not-quite-so imminent death. Along the way, there are poems that evoke the exhilaration of childhood and first love, friendship and comfort, poems of loss and discovery, joy and grief – even the occasional political rant. As Socrates observed, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Mitchell holds a wide array of facets of her own life up to the light, and finds it very much worth living – and celebrating.

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A Call To Heal
By Ian McWhinney
206 pages
$22.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

Known around the world as the “Father of Family Medicine”, Ian McWhinney was born in England in 1926 into a medical family. In 1968, at the age of 42, he immigrated to Canada to start the country’s first Department of Family Medicine, located at the University of Western Ontario. This memoir shows the evolution of Dr. McWhinney’s ideas on the role of the family doctor, the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, and the meaning of humanity and goodness.

The Saskatchewan Secret: Folk Healers, Diviners, and Mystics of the Prairies
By Jacqueline Moore
216 pages
$19.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

This release from Jacqueline Moore is an enchanting look at some of Saskatchewan’s most sought after, but obscure, folk healers. The uplifting non-fiction work covers the stories of thirteen healers who have impacted many lives, and even performed miracles by saving others from often incurable and painful diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer. Each of their stories is a unique journey that readers will enjoy taking again and again.

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About Jim and Me — A Love Story
By Sally Crooks
164 pages
$14.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

In this touching autobiography, Sally Crooks recounts her love affair with her husband, Jim. Starting with the last months of her husband’s life, Crooks weaves into her love story the details of how the couple first became acquainted in their home country of Scotland, their journey as a young family to a new country, and how she has recovered from the loss of an irreplaceable friend and lover. The book also features poems written by Crooks while Jim was alive and following his death.

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