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Accidentally on Purpose
By Louise Waronek
302 pages
$19.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

A revealing look at the issues and controversies of grassroots level hockey, including everything from children developing life skills to the thrill of playing for the love of the game to high financial obligations, the dangers of hazing rituals, “crazy” hockey parents, and the sometimes too-strong desire for kids to play in the NHL.

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Ny Wes Funk
168 pages
$18.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

Sam Brown is a shy, nineteen-year-old farm kid fresh out of cooking school. Determined to make a life for himself in the city, he lands a job in a downtown Saskatoon diner. There, he meets Slash, the restaurant’s gruff middle-aged cook, and Bliss, an abrasive waitress. As the two men help Bliss struggle with her own demons, they are forced to face the truth of their own unlikely friendship.

The Crocodile Connection
By M. C. Conacher
392 pages
$12.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

Set in a small, fictitious country in Africa, a team of prairie technicians has left Canada to work with the Afrafros people on building and operating a new technical training centre. However, the Canadians are not prepared for some of the bigger challenges that face the Centre and its staff. Malaria outbreaks, marriage breakdowns, disgruntled employees, mounting threats from local chiefs and corrupt politicians, and even a military coup threaten to destroy the Centre’s future and the careers of several Canadians as well.

Jonah’s Daughter
By M. C. Conacher
436 pages
$16.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

While training to become a nurse in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Sedelia Lawson struggles to discover who she is and who she must be in order to achieve happiness in life. Questions of faith, morals and family connections are raised during her journey as a young woman as she uncovers the truth about love, sacrifice and her relationship with God.

By Cathy Sali
156 pages
$14.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

Featuring an innovative and unique drawing style, Wonk by Cathy Sali offers a simple, refreshing and very entertaining look at family life through Sali’s eyes. The book has been a six year work in progress for Sali, who is a wife and mother of three children.

An Englishman’s Daughter
By William Wardill
200 pages
$14.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

An Englishman’s Daughter, William Wardill’s debut novel, is an exciting adventure through history. The book begins with a paleo-Indian hunter, proceeds through two world wars, the prelude to the settlement period, the creation of a hybrid society by people who came from other places, and finally, to a community in danger of losing the railway tracks which have been the reason for its presence on the map of Saskatchewan.

Can also be purchased by contacting author via phone at (306) 967-2910.

Prairie Pearl 4: The Story of Vera Eastman
By Arleen Brenner
176 pages
$20.99 (plus shipping & taxes)

Return to 1920 and spend some time with Vera Eastman and her friends in the fictitious town of Pearl, Saskatchewan. Learn some of the darkest town secrets as Vera works with Doc. Vera struggles along with her patients as they deal with polio, death in childbirth and physical and mental abuse. She dreams of a knight in shining armour riding into town and taking her away from all this. Will her dream come true?

Prairie Pearl 5: The Story of Betsy Connor
By Arleen Brenner
132 pages
$12.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

Set on the Saskatchewan prairies in the 1920s, this novel for young adults is the fifth in the Prairie Pearl series and tells the story of Betsy Connor. Life is not easy for Betsy and her family. Constantly on the move because they have no money to pay the rent, Betsy’s family is plagued by alcoholism and abuse. With the help of her friends in Pearl, Saskatchewan, Betsy learns to find hope for the future in spite of the past. This is the second novel for author Arleen Brenner through Benchmark Press.

Prairie Pearl 6: The Reunion
By Arleen Brenner
172 pages
$12.95 (plus shipping & taxes)

The final book in the Prairie Pearl series, Prairie Pearl 6: The Reunion brings together the five heroines of the previous books. Reunited in Pearl to celebrate a special occasion, the five “Pearl Sisters” are now grown-up and reveal how their lives have unfolded, with a surprise ending in store. A novel for young adults, Prairie Pearl 6 continues the series’ tradition of providing home-spun advice and capturing what life was like in the Saskatchewan prairies during the 1920s. This is the third novel for Arleen Brenner through Benchmark Press.

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